Legal Services in Batumi

Legal Services in Batumi

Updated on Friday 14th February 2020

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Legal-Services-in-BatumiGeorgia has become an attractive investment destination for foreign entrepreneurs who want to open companies in a European country, even if it is not an EU member state. On the other side, there are also foreign citizens who want to move and purchase properties in Georgia. One of the most appreciated cities in this country is Batumi.
For all those who need assistance in completing various activities, our lawyers in Georgia can provide legal services in Batumi based on their needs and requests. The services provided by our law firm range from civil and commercial related matters to obtaining residency and even litigation.
We invite you to read below about our legal services in Batumi and get in touch with us for whichever of them you need.

Services provided by our lawyers in Batumi

Our law firm in Georgia has gathered a team of specialists in various laws and they can provide various legal services across the country. One of the most sought cities to move to or start a business in is Batumi. This is why we can help those who have an interest in Batumi with the following legal services:
  1. assistance in immigrating to Georgia by moving to Batumi – we can assist in preparing the necessary documents for immigration;
  2. assistance in buying various types of properties in Batumi – we can also provide legal real estate due diligence services;
  3. business counseling, registration and liquidation procedures for foreign investors in Batumi;
  4. legal assistance in litigation procedures – we can represent citizens and companies before the courts in Batumi;
  5. assistance in marriage registration, divorce, child custody and maintenance under the provisions of the Civil Law;
  6. assistance in various commercial matters related to contractual matters in Batumi;
  7. tax advice for those who need to understand the tax legislation in Georgia.
We offer the same services in Tbilisi, so no matter where you decide to move or start a business, you can rely on our lawyers in Georgia.

Move to Batumi with the help of our lawyers

Batumi is one of the most prolific business centers in Georgia and those who want to move here can rely on our local lawyers who can:
  • advise on the most suitable type of residence permit;
  • prepare the documents needed for immigration;
  • advise on the interview requirements.
According to our immigration lawyers in Batumi, foreign citizens can apply for temporary and permanent residence permits for Georgia. Employment visas for those who find work with Georgian companies are also available. It is also useful to know that Georgia has permanent residence by investment scheme.
You can also rely on us for information and assistance in buying residential and commercial properties in Batumi.
If you are planning to move to Georgia, you can rely on us for legal services in Batumi for obtaining any of the residence permits presented above.

Business registration services in Batumi

One of the most sought legal services in Batumi is related to starting a business here. According to the Commercial Law, foreign citizens will benefit from the same rights as local investors and with the help of our lawyers in Batumi, you can:
  • choose an appropriate business form;
  • draft the documents required for company incorporation;
  • file the documents with the Trade Register Office in Batumi;
  • obtain tax identification and VAT numbers;
  • apply for special licenses and permits.
If you need to close a company in Batumi, you can rely on us for assistance in completing the liquidation and dissolution procedures.

Litigation attorneys in Batumi

Foreign citizens who need assistance in litigation cases can rely on our attorneys in Batumi. We can represent you in various types of disputes, such as:
  • divorce hearings;
  • commercial disputes;
  • business litigation;
  • contractual disputes;
  • employment litigation.
The proceedings can be completed in Georgian courts through trials, mediation or arbitration with the International Arbitration Centre.

Other legal services in Batumi

Georgian and foreign citizens, as well as single investors and companies can rely on our lawyers in Batumi for other services, among which, assistance in various taxation matters and intellectual property advice.
You can also rely on us for guidance in other legal matters related to property registration and employment matters.

Why start a business in Batumi?

Alongside the capital Tbilisi, Batumi is one of the most prolific cities of Georgia and those who want to open companies here should know that:
  • Batumi is the 2nd largest city in Georgia and it is located in the autonomous region of Adjara;
  • the Port of Batumi generates an annual revenue of 200 million to 300 million US dollars;
  • the city and the region of Adjara attract around 2,1 million visitors per year;
  • in 2019, Batumi won the 1st position in the World Travel Awards Europe Gala Ceremony.
For complete information on our legal services in Batumi, please contact our law firm in Georgia.