Legal Services in Kutaisi

Legal Services in Kutaisi

Updated on Tuesday 21st March 2023

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Legal-Services-in-KutaisiForeigners can engage in various activities in Georgia, however, before starting any undertaking or even moving here, it is advisable to make a list on which they can check their main points of interest. Among these, choosing a city that meets their living standards and requirements is a must, especially when deciding to relocate here, however, also if they want to live here for short periods of time.
For those who are not interested in the hectic life of Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, a large city with plenty of opportunities is Kutaisi.
In order to help you make the transition, no matter the reason you want to relocate here, our law firm in Georgia offers various legal services in Kutaisi.
Below, we invite you to discover some of our legal services in Kutaisi and we also invite you to ask us any questions related to moving or starting a business in Georgia.

Why move or start a business in Kutaisi?

Those who want to relocate and start a business or seek employment in Georgia can choose Kutaisi, the second largest city by size and the third biggest city by population. Located only a little over 200 km from Tbilisi, Kutaisi offers plenty of opportunities to expand for foreign investors.
Kutaisi in an important tourism center and the capital of the Imereti region.
Our lawyers in Georgia can offer detailed information on the business opportunities here.

The most important legal services available in Kutaisi

Here are some of the most significant legal services provided by our law firm in Georgia in Kutaisi:
  1. assistance in Civil Law related matters, among which marriage registration, but also divorce proceedings;
  2. assistance in immigration and employment-related matters, including obtaining work and residence permits in Georgia;
  3. assistance in litigation cases outside or with a court of law in Georgia, including the Arbitration Court;
  4. assistance in real estate matters, which imply buying and selling properties, as well as real estate due diligence services in Kutaisi;
  5. company registration services, among which preparation of statutory documents and business licensing;
  6. legal services related to the liquidation and dissolution of companies located in Kutaisi;
  7. legal services in the taxation sphere, among which tax minimization in Kutaisi.
For any other legal services in Kutaisi, do not hesitate to discuss with our lawyers. We can also help those who need such services in Batumi.
Our team can also help you buy a property in Georgia. If you are interested in the region of Kutaisi, please know that the prices are very affordable here, especially for foreigners who come from Western Europe, USA and other developed economies. 
For instance, a house can be bought at a price below EUR 100,000 and we refer here to properties of large sizes, such as an average of 350 square meters. 

Civil Law legal services

Foreign citizens can obtain the legal assistance of our lawyers in Kutaisi for the following cases:
  • family litigation matters, such as divorce procedures, marriage annulment, child custody and maintenance, spousal support, division of assets;
  • contractual matters as most contracts in Georgia are concluded following the provisions of the Civil Code.
No matter if your case enters the Civil or Criminal Code of Procedure, our lawyers can also offer court representation should the case arrive to that point.
We can provide assistance in Family Law matters, such as child custody and alimony, as this is usually the part ex-spouses cannot agree on.
Also, if you find yourself in the position of inheriting various goods or assets and need a lawyer to represent you in heirship legal matters, you can obtain advice from our lawyers in Kutaisi.
Any other legal issue you consider you need assistance with, do not doubt in asking for professional advice.
Any other aspect of the Civil Law in Georgia can be explained by our lawyers.

Immigration lawyers in Kutaisi

Foreign citizens who want to move to Georgia and choose Kutaisi can rely on our immigration services. We can assist those who have obtained employment contracts with Georgian companies in applying for work visas. We can also help those who want to obtain temporary and permanent residence permits for Georgia, if they plan on settling in Kutaisi.
You can discuss all your immigration options with us and benefit from personalized legal services in Kutaisi. Our lawyers will also help you prepare the documents you need to obtain any type of residence permit.

Litigation lawyers in Kutaisi

Clients finding themselves in unpleasant situations related to litigation can rely on our lawyers in Georgia for representation before the courts in Kutaisi. We can also guide clients to quick dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration or other settlements.

Real estate services

Those who want to move to Kutaisi can rely on our law firm in Georgia for assistance in real estate matters, among which due diligence procedures and purchases. We can also help those interested in selling real estate in Kutaisi quickly.

Company registration services in Georgia


From an economic point of view, Kutaisi is the second most important city in Georgia after the capital, Tbilisi. If during the Soviet occupancy, Kutaisi was mainly oriented towards industrial activities, nowadays it is one of the country’s main manufacturing centers. It is also one of the largest commercial hubs in Georgia serving most regions of the country.
Starting a business in Kutaisi can bring important benefits not only from a financial point of view, but also from expansion at regional level. Local and foreign investors can set up new companies or expand existing ones.
These are the services our lawyers in Georgia can help with:
  • assistance in choosing a suitable business form,
  • legal advice on the provisions of the Company Law,
  • documents drafting and notarization,
  • documents filing with the local office of the Trade Register in Kutaisi,
  • tax and VAT registration,
  • bank account opening.
The following types of legal entities can be used to create a business in Georgia:
  • the individual enterprise which implies a single business owner,
  • the partnership which can be general or limited,
  • the limited liability company,
  • the joint stock company,
  • the cooperative.
Foreign companies can operate here under branch offices, representative offices and subsidiaries.
The choice of the business form will rest on the investor and how large the company will be.
From our lawyers’ experience, the limited liability company is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and is also the easiest to create.
All the questions related to starting a business in Kutaisi can be answered by our lawyers who, based on a power of attorney, can start the company incorporation procedure as soon as possible.
If you want to enter into business with a company in Kutaisi or another city in Georgia, we invite you to rely on our company due diligence services that can help you ensure you have made a good choice.

Bank account opening services

As mentioned above, we can help with the setup of bank accounts for multiple purposes, among which for personal or savings reasons, but also corporate use. Those who decide to create e-commerce companies in Kutaisi can rely on us for the creation of merchant accounts which will simplify their operations and interactions with clients.
Since we mentioned the creation of e-commerce businesses, we can also help with the registration of domain names as trademarks, considering the competitiveness of the online sales market.
All our legal services in Kutaisi are versatile and adjustable to our clients’ needs and requests.

Debt collection lawyers in Kutaisi

Accumulating debts or being a victim of customers who miss to fulfill their payment obligations is a reality and more often than not clients had to deal with lengthy debt collection procedures.
From this point of view, our lawyers can help you negotiate payment terms if you have missed payment deadlines and want to avoid court proceedings. Or, if you are on the side of those who need assistance in recovering money, we can take over the case and try to reach an amicable money return procedure which often results in the best outcome.
We can act as a contact point between debtors and plaintiffs and ensure that a fair debt recovery procedure is in place for both parties.
If you have any questions about debt collection procedures, feel confident to discuss with our lawyers in Kutaisi.

Assistance in business and tax-related matters

Foreign citizens who want to open companies in Georgia, namely in Kutaisi can rely on us for guidance in choosing and registering the desired types of legal entities. We can also assist with the tax and VAT registration procedures, as well as obtaining various licenses and permit.
If you need help in closing a business in Kutaisi, do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
From a business perspective, it is useful to know that according to the Georgia Statistics Office:
  • in the first quarter (Q1) of 2019, Georgia attracted Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) with a value of 287.5 million USD;
  • in the second quarter, the FDIs value reached 204.1 million USD;
  • the third quarter brough the highest increase in FDIs with a total value of 417.3 million USD;
  • without updated data from the fourth quarter, Georgia’s FDIs was calculated at 909 million USD.

Why choose our legal services in Kutaisi

Even if we offer our legal services in several cities of Georgia, from our experience it is best when dealing with legal issues in a specific town or city to seek a local lawyer.
This way, you won’t need to travel to another city only to return to Kutaisi to have everything in order. Our lawyers here will help you save time and money, which are very important when you are in a hurry.
No matter the reasons that bring you to Kutaisi, we can also put you in contact with other specialists in other fields should the situation require it.
Please contact our law firm in Georgia for tailored legal services in Kutaisi.