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Legal Services in Tbilisi

Updated on Monday 20th March 2023

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Legal-Services-in-TbilisiForeign citizens and investors who come to Georgia can be confused about the possibilities they have here. As a non-EU member state, the Georgian legislation seems difficult to understand, however, doing business here or simply obtaining a residence permit is not that complicated. For those interested in completing various activities in this country, our law firm in Georgia comes with legal service packages that can be personalized based on their requirements.
Our legal services are available in various cities in Georgia, among which some of the most sought are in the capital city of Tbilisi.
Below, we invite you to read about our legal services in Tbilisi and request whichever of them you need.

Our main services in Tbilisi, Georgia

We can provide foreign citizens and companies seeking to relocate, respectively complete commercial activities in Tbilisi the following legal services:
  1. services related to Civil Law matters, such marriage registration, divorce procedures, child custody, etc.;
  2. assistance in real estate matters, which imply real estate due diligence, buying and selling properties located in Tbilisi;
  3. assistance in various immigration and employment-related matters, including obtaining work and residence permits in Georgia;
  4. assistance in litigation matters which can be completed outside or with a court of law in Georgia;
  5. business registration services which imply several procedures, among which business licensing and even mergers and acquisitions;
  6. company liquidation and dissolution services, no matter if they are completed on a voluntary or compulsory basis;
  7. assistance in tax legislation matters, such as tax minimization solutions in Tbilisi, Georgia.
Foreign citizens who need specialized legal services in Tbilisi can rely on our lawyers in Georgia for a quick consultation followed by a detailed analysis of the case.

Civil and commercial related legal services in Tbilisi

The Georgian legislation is quite comprehensive and having a team of professionals by your side when dealing with it is advisable. Our lawyers in Tbilisi can help foreign citizens who deal with various situation related to the Civil Law, such as marriage registration, divorce and child custody proceedings and many others.
When it comes to foreign businesspersons, we can guide them through various relations concluded under the Civil and Commercial Law with business partners or clients in Tbilisi. Among the legal services we can provide for them in Tbilisi we mention drafting and reviewing various types of contracts, as well as legal advice on entering into commercial agreements.
If you need assistance in getting married in Georgia, our lawyers are at your service for assistance in preparing all the documents you need to file with the Tbilisi City Hall in order to have your marriage legally recognized in this country.
We offer tailored support to Georgian and foreign nationals in an equal manner, as our lawyers are fluent in English, so there are no language barriers for foreign citizens coming here in need of civil law-related matters.
Other services we can provide when it comes to the Georgian Civil Code are related to divorce, child support and maintenance, and asset division. For these, you will need to turn your attention to our litigation attorneys in Tbilisi

Buy a property in Tbilisi with our help

Those who have found properties for purchase in Tbilisi can also rely on our lawyers for guidance. We can complete various actions, such as real estate due diligence and assistance in preparing the necessary documents that need to be created upon the purchase of various types of real estate.
Our law firm can offer legal representation to those who want to buy a house in Georgia, as well as to those who want to purchase an apartment or any other type of property located in a residential building. 
Houses in Georgia can be purchased at prices of around EUR 100,000, depending on their size and location. In Tbilisi, a house with 6 rooms can cost EUR 400,000. 

Immigration lawyers in Tbilisi, Georgia

Foreign citizens can apply for various types of residence permits if they want to move to Georgia and think about Tbilisi as their future home. We can help in obtaining temporary and permanent residence visas, but also work permits which enable them to get employment in Tbilisi.
You can rely on our law firm in Georgia for guidance in the documents that need to be filed with the immigration authorities.

Assistance in litigation cases in Tbilisi

There are situations in which natural persons and companies deal with disputes with various parties. One of the solicited legal services we can provide in Tbilisi refers to assistance in such situations. We can advise on the proper course of action a party needs to complete when dealing with court and out-of-court legal actions.
One of the most sought services in Tbilisi, but also in other cities, is related to debt collection. Since you will want to recover your due payments in the shortest time, you can rely on us for amicable debt collection procedure.

Business registration and liquidation services in Tbilisi

Company registration is another legal service we can provide to our clients in Tbilisi. We can handle the preparation of documents necessary to start a business, their filing with the Trade Register and obtaining various licenses for the company.
We can also offer legal assistance related to business liquidation and dissolution procedures, so do not hesitate to discuss with our lawyers in Georgia about such situations.

Tax-related services in Tbilisi

If you need tax advice and representation before the Georgia Revenue Service, you can rely on our lawyers in Tbilisi. We can assist with tax and VAT registration, as well as in other taxation matters.
The Georgian taxation system is not difficult, but as a foreign citizen or business owner you might need to comply with specific regulations based on the relationship between your home country and Georgia. This is where our tax lawyers can help by making sure you are aware of how the legislation applies in your case, but also the main advantages you have when conducting various activities in Tbilisi. 

Support for foreign citizens in Tbilisi

Without a doubt, Tbilisi is one of the most appealing cities to relocate to in Georgia, not only because it is the capital of the country, but also because it is a major business hub where numerous employment opportunities can be found.
Foreign citizens moving here can rely on our immigration lawyers who will help them apply for work and residence permits for a quick relocation.
At our law office in Tbilisi, we provide tailored advice to citizens from all over the world who need specialized in moving here by finding a place to stay, whether to purchase or rent real estate, contract review services, and even support in litigation with various institutions in this city.
If you have moved here for employment purposes, for example, we can help you understands the terms and conditions of your work contract and we can explain the rights you have in connection to the job accepted. Furthermore, if you encounter any problem with your employer, our lawyers will be at your disposal with personalized advice.
Our services are not available for those on the point of moving here, but also for foreign citizens who have been living in Tbilisi for a longer period and need support in renewing their stay. We can advise on the steps to complete, or you can issue us a power of attorney to represent you while you mind your life as usual.
Your time is as valuable to us as it is to you, which is one of the main reasons we always consider the effort of our clients and work to their benefit and comfort. Also, if you have any questions about our legal services in Tbilisi, do not hesitate to reach out.

Legal services for foreign companies and investors in Tbilisi

As a foreign investor or company owner in Georgia, you might need assistance in complex matters related to the Company and Commercial Law and if you want to make sure you respect all the requirements imposed here, our lawyers in Tbilisi can be your guide through the main legal requisites imposed here.
Our law firm can advise on the business registration requirements applicable to foreign investors, the documents they need to draft when opening businesses here, as well as on the expansion of the foreign enterprises’ operations through branches and subsidiaries. Also, we can also offer advice on the business etiquette here, so you can make a good impression on your future partners or associates.
Our legal services in Tbilisi are a mix of respecting the obligations you or your company has with the practical side of doing business here, which is why all out assistance is channeled to offer you the best experience.
Our seasoned lawyers are here to share their knowledge with you, so that you can find in us long-term partners you can call upon every time you need advice or support in meeting your legal obligations.

Your legal guide in Tbilisi

Even if it is not needed all the time, the assistance of a lawyer in Tbilisi can simplify things a lot no matter the situation you are dealing with. Knowing your rights and benefitting from them at their full extent is what drives us to deliver impeccable legal services to all our clients.
Our team is made of professionals in multiple areas of the law, so we can provide support on a case-to-case basis. This way, we will ensure you will benefit from a good outcome.

Why choose to relocate to Tbilisi?

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and one of the most prolific cities in the country. According to statistics issued by the city hall, in 2018:
  • 30% of the country’s population is concentrated in Tbilisi;
  • 40% of the labor force in Georgia is in Tbilisi;
  • 10% of the citizens living in Tbilisi were from other countries;
  • the city is made of 9 districts, with the largest number of people living Samgori and Gldani.
For more information on our legal services in Tbilisi, please contact our law firm in Georgia.