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Updated on Tuesday 07th March 2023

Vlad Cuc.jpgThe specialists of can offer numerous legal services and investors can rely on the experience of the Georgian team, considering that the company has been active for 15 years. The lawyers are ready to offer all the necessary legal support for foreigners starting a business in this country.
Vlad Cuc, director of Bridgewest  (
Mihai Cuc.jpgAlthough starting a company in Georgia can be an easier process compared to other similar jurisdictions, foreigners should still address to local lawyers, who can better represent investors’ interests in various legal matters. Since the documents are drafted in Georgian, a language that did not benefit from an international exposure like other languages, it is best to hire the team of lawyers representing
Attorney at Law Mihai Cuc - MHC Law Firm (
francesco-dagnino.jpgI highly recommend the team of for a wide range of legal matters that can be of interest of foreigners – opening a company, relocating to Georgia, renting a property for commercial or residential purposes or even for tax advice; the local lawyers can provide advice on the tax regulations available for both natural persons and legal entities obtaining taxable income in Georgia.
Francesco Dagnino, Partner of Lexia Avvocati (
marcela-manea-lawyer.jpgForeigners who want to relocate to Georgia (for study purposes, business purposes, personal reasons such as getting married in Georgia) can receive the professional assistance of; with an in-depth experience in the field, the lawyers can advise on the residence permits available for various types of persons and can also assist procedure of obtaining the local citizenship.
Marcela Manea, Attorney at Darie, Manea & Associates (
jakub-chajdas-lawyer.jpgWith a wide range of legal services, the team of can represent local and foreign persons, but also foreign companies. The local team of lawyers can provide legal representation in front of the local courts, as well as assistance in the relation with the Georgian institutions (registering a trademark, opening a business, obtaining residence permits, obtaining business licenses and others).
Jakub Chajdas, Attorney-at-law ar CGO Legal Counseling (